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The drum beat...

There is a drum beating from deep within our culture. It is not something always heard, but it is certainly felt. It is an interest we all share, a yearning we sense even if we canít identify it. What is this drum beat? Authenticity. Our world is now filled with amazing technological marvels from super gadgets to super computers which, with skilled engineers and artists, can modify and manufacture amazing visions never before possible. But for all the power and movie magic at our fingertips, audiences have begun to sense that something is missing. Whatís missing is simply authenticity. With so many moving parts and so many millions of dollars at stake, it is little wonder that films are relying more on visual effects and advertising to ensure box office success. But audiences can feel the change in focus and miss connecting with characters and journeying with them across these vast worlds. This is where I put my focus. Although I fashion many of my stories in the fantastic, I endevour to explore what it means to be human, to create characters that an audience can bond with, and bring rewarding genre stories to the cinema. This is what audiences yearn for. This is the drum beat I follow.

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